Cryosurgery: An Effective Treatment for Skin Conditions

When your pet is dealing with a pesky skin condition like a wart or growth, cryosurgery is a minimally-invasive way to deal with the issue. We are proud to offer cryosurgery treatment at Dupont Veterinary Clinic. This relatively painless procedure provides lasting results and takes just seconds to complete.

What is Cryosurgery?

Cryosurgery is the practice of using extreme cold to get rid of abnormal tissue, such as warts, cysts, and skin tags. In the veterinary setting, we use special tools to apply liquid nitrogen or nitrous oxide to the targeted area.

The tumor, wart, or cyst won’t disappear right away. Instead, the tissue may take a couple of weeks to die and fall off. Your veterinarian will give you the instructions you need to care for the area after a cryosurgery procedure.

In some cases, more than one round of cryosurgery may be needed to treat a skin lesion.

How Does Cryosurgery Work?

Also known as cryotherapy, cryosurgery works by freezing the water inside a mammal’s cells, causing them to rupture. Over time, the tissue dies and sloughs off the body. Cryosurgery is a minimally-invasive procedure with no recovery time required. Your pet won’t need to get dropped off for the procedure, receive painful sutures, or undergo anesthesia.

What is Cryosurgery Used to Treat?

Cryosurgery is an effective treatment for a variety of skin conditions in pets. These include:

  • Moles
  • Warts
  • Skin tags
  • Eyelid tumors
  • Anal gland tumors
  • Cysts
  • Ingrown or overcrowded eyelashes
  • Tail tumors
  • Benign skin growths (angiomas)

Our veterinary team will check your pet’s skin for any irregularities during a wellness exam. If cryotherapy is needed, we can either perform the procedure that same day or schedule it for a future appointment. You can also reach out to our veterinary team any time you notice abnormal growths on the surface of your pet’s skin.

Call us today at (260) 637-7676 to schedule your pet’s cryosurgery appointment or learn more about the benefits of the procedure.

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