Service Dog Goldendoodle

Hello DVC Family and Friends!

I’m Novak!! I’ve waited a long time to get to say these words! Do you remember last year when many of you graciously contributed money to “4 Paws For Mikala”? You partnered with a sweet Fort Wayne young lady to help her get her own service dog. Well… after over a year of waiting and training, Mikala and I were finally matched on September 3rd!

Allow me to introduce myself with the letter I sent to Mikala that day:

Dear Mikala,

Hello my new best friend and buddy forever. How the heck are you? Please come tell me in person. I want to meet you soooo bad. I’ve been waiting all my life. When I started working for your class I started to learn about you, well everything but your name, and today I got my match so I could send you this email! Wish you were here! My name is Novak. I hear I am named after a woman who fought for people’s rights and helped people, especially kids. That’s kind of fitting! I just want it to be the name of your dog and it is!

So my litter is the SVU litter born 6/21/15 to mom (Beta) and dad (Doodlebug) and we are Goldendoodles. We were born at 4 Paws and spent our early months in the 4 Paws Puppy Enrichment Program. After graduating I was sent away to prison to learn how to give unconditional love to people some humans find hard to love or care about. Of course it is not really something we have to learn. All dogs are born with this gift and we pass it on to the inmates who are in need of some unconditional love and acceptance! They in return taught us some basic obedience so that when we were paroled we could start college. I went to live in a 4 Paws Foster Home called the Johnson Family Foster Home! Of course I did my graduate work in all things Mikala here at 4 Paws! Now I’m ready and waiting.


I am so excited to be a part of your community and I will keep you posted as my arrival gets closer.
(September 3, 2016)

Today was the BEST day of my life!! I got to meet my “Bestie for Life”… and she was all and even more than I had hoped for! Mikala and her family came to 4 Paws for Mobility to begin the final stages of my service dog training together. Would you like a glimpse of the special moment we met!!?? Check out the video here:

I now know what love at first sight is! We are going to be busy, busy, busy these next few weeks as we train together to become an awesome team. I will keep you posted!

(September 12, 2016)