Prompt and Compassionate Care for Sick Pets

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We hope you can enjoy a fulfilling, long-term relationship with your pet for many years to come. For your pet’s well-being, we encourage wellness exams, blood test screening, preventive medications for problems such as heartworms and intestinal parasites, good diets, and exercise. We will do all we can to help keep your pet in great shape. Nonetheless we all know there are times that your pet may get sick. In those times we are here for you—from diagnosing the problem to coming up with an effective treatment plan.

For Diagnosing and treating sick pets, we offer:

Elder Man and Cat

Most of all we offer a caring team that can help you get an accurate diagnosis and treatment options for your ill cat, dog, bird, or exotic pet.

Follow Up Care for Your Sick Pet

We also follow up with you after your appointment. Technicians will call you to see how you and your pet are faring. We know sometimes questions come up, especially during home care. If you are managing a chronic situation with your pet, we encourage you to call in with concerns or questions. We’ll do our best to answer your questions, but sometimes we may need to see your pet to properly evaluate the situation. If necessary, our veterinarians can also help you with referral options in the event a specialist is necessary.

Contact Us If You Have Concerns About Your Pet’s Health

Sometimes, signs your pet is not well are subtle. Look for physical symptoms and behavioral changes. You know your pet best, so trust your intuition. Any change in your pet's behavior from what they normally do is a reason enough to call us.

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— Mark B.