Which Foods to Avoid Giving to Your Pet During the Holiday Season

dog waiting for leftovers.

The holidays are a time for feasting, and many people loosen the reins on diet restrictions and enjoy the many delectable foods that can be found on holiday tables. As our pets also gather around the table and plead with you with their eyes to feed them, it can be easy to forget about how some human food can be harmful to your pets. Your friends at Dupont Veterinary Clinic want to help you figure out which foods to avoid giving to your pets this season:


Pancreatitis in Pets: How to Prevent and Treat This Pain in the Tummy

pet dog running outside.

The pancreas, for most people, is a bit of a nebulous organ. Most of us know that we have one, but not very many people really understand what the pancreas actually does. When it becomes angry, though, the pancreas is not an organ to be forgotten. Pancreatitis in pets (and people, too) is an extremely painful condition that Dupont Veterinary Clinic wants you to better understand. 

The Mysterious Pancreas

The pancreas lives in the abdomen, nestled just below the liver, and behind the stomach. It is long and flat and very delicate, composed of glandular tissue.


What to Do if Your Cat Has Dry Skin

cat itching itself

Dry, itchy skin can significantly impact pet health and make our feline companions uncomfortable—and unhappy. Occasional itchiness is common and usually the result of dry air. But if your cat’s dry skin doesn’t go away with simple DIY measures, or if your cat exhibits symptoms of an illness, your friends at Dupont Veterinary Clinic are here to help!


The Many Joys of Owning a Pet Rat

Veterinarian holding pet rat.

People have lived in close proximity to rodents for millennia. As soon as our ancestors learned how to grow and store food, all sorts of small animals followed. It was only a matter of time until rats became one of humanity’s favorite pets. 

Without a  doubt, rats have endearing personalities. They are smart, curious and highly social animals, rivalling cats and dogs in popularity. What’s more, owning a pet rat can be one of life’s greatest experiences.


Your Dog Has a Limp, Time to Investigate Why

Limping Dog.

An older dog may start to show signs of aging in the ways they move. Or, rather, by restrictions to their movements. Osteoarthritis is a very real threat to the health and well-being of senior pets. Among other symptoms, limping can become part of their new normal. Luckily, changes to their nutrition, treatment, and lifestyle accommodations can go a long way toward easing their aching joints.

There could be other explanations behind a sudden or gradual disruption to a dog’s gait. If your dog has a limp, we encourage you to take steps toward understanding why and what you can do to help.


Dog Behavior: What to Do About Pet Aggression

Fort Wayne, Indiana dog acting aggressive.

Puppies exhibit certain (and harmless) behaviors like biting and growling that allow them to discover how to fit in with the family. We teach our pups manners, and they grow to become happy members of the household. Unless they don’t. 

Dogs that become increasingly aggressive as they mature out of their puppy years can lead to a lot of problems, especially if they display aggression towards humans or other animals. If your dog is becoming more and more aggressive, the team at Dupont Veterinary Clinic can help.


The Benefits of Spay or Neuter Procedures Outweigh the Risks

A spayed dog lies on her owner's lap.

Modern living has a lot going for it. It’s safe, clean, and super efficient. But the sheer amount of choices from minute to minute can be exhausting. Fortunately, some decisions are easy to make, especially if there are far more advantages than drawbacks. Regarding the choice to spay or neuter a pet, the positive results are clear. It may not be a straightforward decision for some pet owners out there, and we’re happy to help you reach a conclusion that supports your pet’s health.


Dogs Eat Grass For All Sorts of Reasons, But Should They?

A dog eats grass.
The Airedaile Terrier dog eats the grass at the backyard

Since dogs explore the world around them through their nose and mouth, it makes sense that they try to taste as much as they can. Socks, table food, feces, and more round out the canine palette. Some of their choices are, well, less than “choice,” but as long as they aren’t harmed by their explorations, it’s usually okay (provided you can get beyond the gross factor). At the top of the list of brow-raising antics is eating plant matter. Dogs eat grass (and other green things) for many reasons, but does that mean it’s safe?


Working From Home With Your Pet: The Way Of The Future?

A cat lies on the keyboard as someone tries to type.

Over the course of the last year, the home has turned into the center for living, entertainment, and even working. While working from home with your pet might have seemed exciting at first, a lot of us quickly saw how our pets can make it harder to stay productive throughout the day. 

Whether your cat uses your keyboard as his own personal jungle gym or your dog likes to start barking as soon as you log into a virtual meeting, it is definitely a transition to figure out how to coexist…and cowork…with your furry, scaly, and feathery friends. 


When Doggie Breath Starts to Really Reek, It’s Time to Act

The seemingly slow build up of yucky yellowish-brown stuff on the back molars might not cause problems right away, but if left alone for too long, a telltale smell might become part of your dog’s kisses. The first sign of dental disease in pets (like people) is usually bad breath. 

Unfortunately, that doggie breath you’ve grown accustomed to might very well be on its way to repelling you – but it doesn’t have to be this way!