A Proactive Approach Toward Your Dog’s Health

Developing a comprehensive plan for your dog’s wellness is a top priority at Dupont Veterinary Clinic. In our nearly 20-year experience as an animal hospital, we’ve developed reliable protocols and guidelines for maintaining the best possible health for your canine companion.

Dog Being Evaluated

Dupont Veterinary Clinic appreciates the bond owners feel with their dogs and we will do our utmost to keep your dog healthy throughout each life cycle—from puppyhood, to the robust adult years, to caring for the mature soul who has perhaps shared a decade or more with you.

Wellness Examinations

Your dog will be given a thorough nose to tail physical examination. Exams include checking your dog’s ears, eyes, teeth, lymph nodes, thyroid, heart, lungs, abdomen, skin, and more. The best dog care begins with comprehensive wellness exams, so that problems can be discovered and treated before they become serious.



Our hospital recommends that your pet receives their rabies, distemper, and leptospirosis vaccines on a regular basis. Rabies vaccination is required by state and city law. Since rabies is fatal and can be spread to humans, the disease poses a public health threat.Additional optional lifestyle vaccines include bordetella (kennel cough) and Lyme disease.

Heartworm Test

A blood test should be performed on an annual basis to ensure your dog has not become infected with heartworms. Heartworm disease is a life-threatening disease carried by mosquitoes.


A stool (feces) examination for worms and parasites is recommended on an annual basis. Parasites can be of significant concern to your dog and even to your family. Bring a small, tootsie roll size sample from within 12 hours of the exam.

Dogs Over 3 Years of Age

  • Annual Wellness Blood Screen
    A small sample of blood will be drawn (along with the heartworm blood test) to check numerous internal health functions that can’t be readily seen on physical exam. A chemistry profile evaluates the kidneys, liver, glucose, protein level, and more. A complete blood count (CBC) examines white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets.

Dogs Over 7 Years of Age

Because dogs age much faster relative to humans, dogs over seven should receive extra attention.

  • Senior Wellness Blood Screen
    A more comprehensive blood and urine work-up is suggested for your dog over 7 years. A comprehensive chemistry profile and CBC is accompanied by a thyroid profile and urinalysis. This work-up gives a very comprehensive view of your pet’s health. Catching problems early is critical in providing the best long-term outcome.
  • Semi-Annual Exams
    An exam every 6 months is an important way to watch for any developing health concerns.
  • Diet
    A quality, senior diet is important for good health. Your dog’s diet can be discussed at your visit.
  • Joint Health
    Arthritis is a common problem of older dogs. During your dog’s physical exam we can evaluate joint health and make suggestions regarding weight, exercise, diet, joint supplements and, if needed, drugs.

Is your dog overdue for a wellness exam? If so, call us to schedule an appointment.

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— Michele M.