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Preventive and Wellness Care for Dogs, Cats, Birds, and Exotic Pets

Just as in human medicine, our pets benefit from preventive care. Routine wellness check-ups and examinations are important to your pet’s life-long health. Drawing on our nearly 20-year experience as a veterinary practice, we have developed an effective protocol for maintaining your pet’s health.

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We Consider the Individual Needs of the Pets We See

While scheduled care is important, every pet’s needs are also individual. For that reason, our health recommendations for your pet will also be based on age, lifestyle, breed, and other factors.

Comprehensive Care—and not for Just Dogs and Cats

Review our specific health and wellness guidelines for dogs, cats, and birds and exotics. As part of a comprehensive plan, we address routine matters like flea, tick, and parasite prevention, vaccinations, and protection against common diseases.

We also offer tips on how to best care for your pets (particularly important for birds and exotic pets), as well as insight into behavioral issues. We recognize that part of successful pet ownership is enjoying them. If your pet has any destructive or troublesome habits, we’ll do our best to help.

And if despite wellness care, your pet gets sick, we offer a variety of services to get them feeling better.

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Contact us to schedule a wellness appointment for your pet today.