The Many Joys of Owning a Pet Rat

Veterinarian holding pet rat.

People have lived in close proximity to rodents for millennia. As soon as our ancestors learned how to grow and store food, all sorts of small animals followed. It was only a matter of time until rats became one of humanity’s favorite pets. 

Without a  doubt, rats have endearing personalities. They are smart, curious and highly social animals, rivalling cats and dogs in popularity. What’s more, owning a pet rat can be one of life’s greatest experiences.


The Skinny on the Scaly: The Best in Basic Reptile Care

Reptiles are fun, interesting, unusual, and intelligent. While not as fluffy or playful as other household pets, snakes, lizards and turtles can bring a lot of joy to owners of various experience levels. 

For many people with allergies to feathers or fur, reptiles offer a great alternative to traditional pet ownership. Plus, when done right, it can be gratifying to take part in reptile care.

Reptile care can be challenging but gratifying. It is highly specific and requires close attention to detail. 

Here’s what any new or prospective reptile parent needs to know on basic reptile care.


Exotic Pet Wellness Care

A Hedgehog Being HeldReptiles, birds, and small mammals can make wonderful pets. Watching them go about their daily lives, interacting with them, and caring for the can be fun, educational, and deeply satisfying.

It’s important to note, though, that while most exotic pets seem easy to care for, it isn’t always the case. These special pets often have specific requirements regarding nutrition and environment, and need regular wellness checkups just like dogs and cats. Learning about exotic pet wellness is essential to providing a good quality of life for one of these small, but amazing, animals!