How to Help If You Find A Stray Pet

Dog Being Pet On The NeckMany of us have come across a wandering stray dog or cat and wondered what to do. If you find a stray pet, keep in mind that the animal may be lost and have loving owners frantically searching for him or her. If a pet has been lost for several weeks, they will be dirty, skinny and have fleas, even if from a wonderful home. Although you may not want to sound a false alarm, it’s likely that the pet needs help and you should take action if possible.

Dupont Veterinary Clinic applauds your desire to help animals in need, which is why we have outlined the steps you can take if you ever do find a stray pet.

If You Find A Stray Pet

Approach carefully – When lost and confused, even animals from good homes may run away from you or bite. The pet may also be injured, and in pain. If you’re at all concerned for your own safety, call animal control or the police for assistance. Speak calmly, and try to lure the pet with food into a carrier or your car, or restrain him with a leash. Continue…

Pet Microchipping

pet microchippingAt some point during your adventure in pet owning, there will come a near-miss pet escape or a situation where your pet has actually gone missing. Even the most well-behaved pet can get loose through a broken fence, a gate or door accidentally left open, during the commotion of guests coming and going, or any number of ways.

While we recommend that your pet always wear his or her collar with current ID tags, pet microchipping may be the best way to increase the odds of being reunited with your pet should he or she become lost.