As people working in the veterinary field, the staff at Dupont Veterinary Clinic want to do everything we can to help animals. We work hard each day to relieve pain and suffering, and to help our patients get well.

Part of being good at our job means staying ahead of advances in veterinary medicine and riding the forefront of new treatments and diagnostic testing. The use of platelet rich plasma in our hospital is just one example of how we are striving to bring the best to our pet patients.

Principles of Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet rich plasma, otherwise referred to as PRP, is the portion of centrifuged blood that contains a concentrated number of platelets. These are the cells in the blood that facilitate clotting.

Besides helping our blood to clot, platelets have several other impressive attributes that make them a valuable resource. These include the presence of growth factors that can aid in:

This means that when we take a concentrated population of platelets, such as those found in PRP, we can use them in a specific area to encourage a patient to heal.

Helping Our Patients

One of the most common ailments we see in our pet patients, especially the senior set, is osteoarthritis. This degeneration of cartilage within the joints can be painful and result in decreased overall function.

Although we have many tools at our disposal to help, such as our oral joint supplement Ultra Care and laser therapy, nothing is a cure for this progressive degenerative condition.

In patients affected by arthritis, we are able to harvest platelet rich plasma from a simple blood draw. After it has been prepared, we can then inject it specifically into the area of trouble, encouraging healing and decreasing pain.

The use of PRP is safe and non-invasive. It has been used extensively in the equine world, and studies support its potential efficacy for the treatment of osteoarthritis. What an exciting tool to have in our arsenal!

If you have questions about PRP or how it might help your pet, please give us a call. We are happy to discuss this amazing advancement with you!