kittensHow long will the procedure take? From the time your cat is anesthetized until she is recovered the time involved may be approximately 45 minutes, although this may vary.  

Is pre-anesthetic blood work really necessary? Yes.  Pre-anesthetic blood work is used to find the “1 in 50” cats that might have an unforeseen health problem.  This information is needed to assess concerns and minimize anesthetic risk.

How long will my cat stay in the veterinary hospital?  Usually a cat spay is an outpatient procedure.  In most clinics, your cat would come in the morning and go home in the afternoon.

Is a cat spay expensive?  A cat spay is relatively cheap, especially when you consider the advantages to the alternative. The cost to spay a cat is cheaper than raising a litter of kittens for a year.  Remember, the cheapest place in town is probably not the place to have your cat spayed.  What is the reason they are cheaper?  A veterinary hospital can not provide competent doctors and technicians, high quality surgical supplies and modern anesthetics, pain medications and fluids for nothing. Don’t sacrifice your cat’s safety for a few dollars.

Can I have my cat declawed at the same time as the spay?  Talk to your veterinarian.  Often if you and your veterinarian decide that declawing is in your cat’s best interest, it is prudent to do both at the same time.  This avoids additional costs and two separate anesthetics.

My cat gets stressed at the vet office.  Is there anything I can do?  We recommend using a cat carrier and a fluffy towel for your cat to hide in.  Some cats do better with a product called Feliway – a calming spray that is applied to the carrier.  Find a veterinarian with a separate cat waiting area or one that will allow you to quickly go into an exam room to avoid the stress of barking dogs in the waiting area.  

Will I need to give my cat pain drugs?  Yes.  Your cat should receive medication to control post-op surgical pain just as we would after a surgical procedure.  An oral medication should be prescribed.  These are often given just once daily.  A liquid is sometimes easier to give.

At what age should I spay my cat?  A cat should be spayed before it begins to go into “heat”.  Typically 5 to 6 months of age is the best time to spay a cat.

Will my cat gain weight after her spay?  Your cat may have a slight predisposition to gain weight after a spay is performed.  Of course as a cat reaches maturity they have a tendency to become less active and gain weight too.  Regardless, exercise and a quality diet in appropriate amounts is important.  

Will my cat continue to have heat cycles?  No.  Your cat will no longer go through heat cycles.