cat-boyWhat are the advantages of spaying my cat?

1) Prevention of unwanted litters of kittens

2) Avoid annoying behavior of a cat in heat

3) Prevention of health problems later in life

The main reason to consider spaying your cat is due to unwanted litters of kittens.  The average fertile cat produces 1 to 2 litters per year.  The average litter size is 4 to 6 kittens. According to the ASPCA about 1.3 million cats are euthanized each year.  It is estimated there are 70 million stray cats in the US. The vast majority of cats entering shelters are not spayed.  

Cats that are not spayed frequently develop mammary cancers or pyometra, a serious type of uterus infection, later in life. Spaying a cat early in life prevents these problems.

Do your part!  Spay your cat!  Keep her indoors.  Provide exercise, a good diet and good health care.  A cat should be taken to your veterinarian annually for a physical exam, vaccines, parasite protection and any other necessary health care needs.  Remember – dogs and cats age much faster proportionately compared to humans.