A red dog looking at the American flag.

If you’ve been around Dupont Veterinary Clinic for long, you know we’re passionate about animals! We also care deeply for the people that come along with the pets we see! That’s why we love to support organizations that care for both people and pets!

Dr. Steve Harry has been the owner of DVC since 1999. Recently, as he has backed off on his veterinary responsibilities, he has served on the board of directors for an important organization that uses therapy dogs to serve our military veterans. If you’re like us, you deeply appreciate the sacrifice our veterans have made for our country.

Getting to Know Them

The mission of Lutheran Military Veterans & Family Ministries, Inc. (LMVFM) is two-fold:

  • To provide free, confidential Christian Counseling to military veterans, contractors, and their family members without caveat. Regardless of the branch of service, during peacetime or at war, the type of discharge, or religious beliefs, LMVFM helps them deal with the moral and spiritual wounds of war. This “direct-care” method can assist veterans with obtaining the financial resources they need. 
  • LMVFM also supports the Homefront Heroes: the spouses that stay home and juggle all the duties of home, family, and career. By providing a variety of programs, such as counseling, the family unit can better adjust to military life.

Paws and Effect Program

LMVFM recognizes the profound effect that therapy dogs can have on veterans in need of support. Pup Sgt. Holly Marie started to sit in on counseling sessions in 2011, and ever since, LMVFM has relied on the soothing presence of therapy dogs. Whether it’s their non-judgemental eyes or their unconditional love, individuals receiving help from LMVFM have been able to relax, open up, and make significant strides toward healing.

Therapy dogs Stanley Tucker and Patrick Dooley provide comfort, companionship, and strength for veterans struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), substance use disorder, suicidal ideation, and trust issues. 

Lutheran Military Veterans & Their Families

As a Christian ministry, the Lutheran Military Veterans & Family Ministries, Inc. operates exclusively through fundraising. Not funded in any way by the federal, state, or local governments, LMVFM accepts donations from ministry partners, church benevolences, faithful individuals, and other aligned organizations. 

An essential consideration that sets LMVFM apart includes the fact that all services are free for any current or previous members of the military, their families, and contractors. No one is turned away. Donations help the organization continue with their two-fold mission, and have a direct impact on individuals and families coping with the emotional and spiritual wounds of war. 

Since their inception over 15 years ago, LMVFM has served the Fort Wayne community in so many crucial ways. We are proud to help them raise more money to help more individuals in our municipality. 

If you have questions about their services, please contact them directly. With their work and dedication, we can all help veterans heal and nurture hope for the future.